PTFE High Temperature Cable

    • Electronic Test Equipment
    • Communication Equipment (mobile and manpack wireless sets)
    • Equipment for Aircraft, Radar, Navigation, Electro-mechanical applications, Satellites, Research Equipment for Aerospace, Navy & Meteorology
    • Control Equipment for Atomic Energy, Satellite Launching, Ground Control, Reactors and Process Control, Telephone Exchange, Lifts
    • Computers, Flight simulators
    • High performance motors, transformers and rectifiers
    • Infra-red sensing equipment
    • Thermo-couple and compensating cables
    • Air-field lighting equipment
    • High temperature lighting fittings (sodium lamps etc.)
    • Refrigeration equipment
    • Load cells and pressure transducers
    • Electro-medical/Neuro-surgical equipment
    • High temperature control valves
    • Furnace and oven wiring


    Please refer to table for commonly available sizes. Within the normal range, larger number of strands are available to improve flexibility and flex-life; 19 strands up to AWG 30, 37 strands up to AWG 20 and 60 strands for AWG 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. In the two larger sizes AWG 6 and 8, compact 61 strands true concentric constructions (compared to Rope lay 19 x 7) are about 15% lower in OD, weight and cost, although slightly stiffer. We offer finer sizes, having thin-wall PTFE insulation, highly flexible (with flex-life) constructions using Silver Plated High Strength Copper Alloy (SPHSCA). Sizes as small as AWG 37/7/45 (0.43 mm). Even such fine sizes are 100% tested. For Wire-Wrap wire, advantages of PTFE insulation are now available in single strand size up to AWG 36 (OD 0.43 mm), and multi-strand 3607 or 3707 with OD 0.38 mm.

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